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Congressmen Head to Iowa to Look Into Raid

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A Congressman from Chicago is leading a delegation this morning to northeastern Iowa. They plan to meet with workers arrested in the largest immigration raid in U.S. history.

In May, Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested nearly 400 employees of a meatpacking plant in the Iowa town of Postville. After the raid, agency chief Julie Myers spoke with CNN.

MYERS: A number of illegal aliens are stealing the identities of real U.S. citizens. That causes harm to people in our communities. We have an obligation to go out and enforce the law.

The government charged most of the workers with felonies, then offered a plea deal: five months in jail followed by deportation. Most took the deal.

On Thursday, a Congressional committee heard arguments that the prosecution violated due-process rights. The committee includes Luis Gutiérrez of Chicago.

GUTIERREZ: The identity theft must be also in relationship to a crime. Last time I checked, applying for a job was not a crime.

In Postville today [Sat], Gutiérrez and two other Hispanic Congressmen are set to hear from town officials and some of the workers.

On Sunday, a march there will call for expanding immigrant rights.

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