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Michelle Obama Asks Women to Support Husband's Campaign

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Michelle Obama was in Chicago asking women to support her husband’s run for the White House.

Michelle Obama spoke to hundreds of members of the group Women for Obama at the upscale Palmer House Hotel. According to Mrs. Obama, women’s concerns about home and family don’t get enough attention in Washington. She says her husband will put an end to that.

OBAMA: I’m a working woman. But the one role that I cherish the most is the role of mom. So for me, policies that support working women and families, this is personal. These are the issues that I carry in my heart every single day.

The Obama campaign introduced a list of policies geared towards working mothers. One of those includes a new federal mandate for seven paid sick days a year. Michelle Obama also took time to thank former Democratic contender Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Obama also thanked several former Clinton campaigners who joined Senator Barack Obama’s staff.

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