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Morton Grove Eliminating Gun Ban

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Morton Grove Eliminating Gun Ban

The mayor of Morton Grove is expecting little fanfare tonight as the town puts its gun ban to rest.

Morton Grove, which is just north of Chicago, passed its handgun ban in 1981. But now, in light of a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, the village is set to get rid of it. Richard Krier is the mayor. He says Morton Grove doesn’t have the same problems with gun violence that big cities like Chicago do.

KRIER: It never has been a very big issue. We don’t have the crime here. We’re you know, 20- 22,000 residents strong here. Very small, nice community, pretty residential and haven’t had that issue.

Krier says few people showed up to testify in favor of the handgun ban at the last village meeting and he expects the board to be unanimous in doing away with it tonight. The Evanston City Council will also consider the issue tonight at its city council meeting. City lawyers there say, “It appears clear that a total ban on unconstitutional on its face.” Chicago still plans to go to court to defend its ban.

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