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Obama Calls for Stronger Foreign Alliances

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Illinois Senator Barack Obama says he thinks the U.S. needs to work on strengthening its alliances abroad. He said so yesterday in Chicago, when he made his first appearance since his recent trip out of the country.

Obama travels last week took him to the Middle East and Europe. The presumptive Democratic nominee says his experiences lead him to believe that other countries are looking for changes in American foreign policy.

OBAMA: The world is waiting, I think, for the United States to reengage.

He cited his speech in Berlin, which drew an estimated 200-thousand people as an example.

OBAMA: That was a testimony, I think, to how hungry Europeans are for American leadership that’s not a matter of unilateral action, but a matter of engaging countries and peoples all around the world around not just our common challenges, but also our common opportunities.

Obama says he’s start this week by digging back into domestic issues. He says he’s meeting with his top economics advisors today to discuss the struggling American economy and what should be done next.

I’m Ben Calhoun, Chicago Public Radio.

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