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Daley: Economy Is 'Definitely' Worst He's Seen

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Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says the city is facing a serious budget deficit, and he’s not ready to eliminate options when it comes to closing it.

The city’s money troubles were underscored by a new proposal from Daley, one that would force non-union city employees to take unpaid days off.

Those making over 75 thousand would take 3 unpaid days, the rest would have to take 2 days.

Daley says that would save the city over three million dollars, but he also says this is the worst economic downturn he’s seen in his entire time as Mayor.

DALEY: This is a real crisis, I think when you look at what’s happened across states and now cities. It’s a major problem now.

Daley says he also plans to talk to labor unions about forcing unionized city workers to take unpaid days.

DALEY: Gotta try to really work with them because 90-some percent of all employees in government are all unionized.

Daley says he’s not ready to rule out the idea of layoffs.

The mayor wouldn’t give a specific number for the city’s budget shortfallm but said it was roughly “a couple hundred million dollars.”

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