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Report: Chicago Beaches Need to be Cleaned Up

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A report released today says Illinois environmental officials need to do a better making sure Chicago beaches are clean.

With temperatures hovering around 90 degrees today, there’s sure to be plenty of folks diving into Lake Michigan for a cool, refreshing dip at Chicago beaches. Henry Henderson won’t be one of them. Henderson heads the Midwest Program for the Natural Resources Defense Council or NRDC. Henderson says Chicago beaches are dirty.

HENDERSON: We have a huge amount of bacteria that is being produced, released and we don’t have a systematic approach to deal with it.

Kathy Osterman Beach on the city’s north side, the NRDC reports, was the worst when it comes to bacteria levels exceeding safe amounts. But Ellen Sargent, who’s with the Chicago Park District’s Department of Natural Resources, says the NRDC miscalculated the data on that beach. She says her staff is reviewing the entire report.

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