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State Takes Residents to the Web to Learn More About Ethanol

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While not everyone agrees ethanol is the solution to the country’s energy problems, Illinois state government has been a long time booster of the alternative fuel. State agencies, public colleges and universities will soon be showing that support online. Illinois Public Radio’s Sean Crawford reports.

A new state law requires Illinois government Websites to include links to information on corn based ethanol and other biodiesel fuels. Republican House member Ron Wait of Belvidere says the state should do its part to raise awareness about ethanol...

WAIT: It will make it easier for everyone to find out about these green type fuels that we’re trying to promote. And it will help the Illinois farmer and the motorists also.

Wait says among the information that will be available includes where to find gas stations that sell E-85 and details about flex fuel vehicles. While Wait says ethanol helps the environment, some scientists question the benefits because of additional greenhouse gases produced growing the corn and converting it into fuel.

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