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Aldermen Search for Solutions to Pending Budget Shortfall

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Chicago aldermen today had one major topic on their minds: how to deal with a looming budget deficit.

The city’s financial problems didn’t get a lot of discussion on the council floor. But behind chambers, it’s all aldermen were talking about.

TUNNEY: Anything and everything’s on the table JACKSON: Right now, everything’s on the table BALCER: If the mayor says it’s that bad, it’s that bad MELL: The mayor was absolutely right when he said this is going to be a long, drawn-out thing.

The administration isn’t saying how big the 2009 budget deficit will be. But aldermen are looking at solutions, like having some city employees take a few unpaid days off. And they’re really hoping they don’t have to raise the sales or property taxes. The budget problems did bring out some critics of the mayor.

FIORETTI: I think it’s a signal that the administration doesn’t have a handle on what’s going on in terms of how large this shortfall will be.
MOORE: It would be nice to have a real honest assessment of our economic situation.

The city’s budget director says the sagging economy and bad housing market contribute to the shortfall.

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