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Fermilab Races to Find Elusive Particle

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Scientists at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory say they’ve observed a rare occurrence. And it gives the lab a leg up in the race to find an elusive particle that’s only thought to exist.

Scientists say the Higgs boson explains what gives matter mass. But so far, the very simple, but very important particle has eluded discovery. Now scientists at Fermilab say they’ve come within one step of finding the Higgs. With their particle accelerator, they recently produced a rare pairing of bosons. They’re the stuff that helps create the forces between particles.

Fermilab spokesman Kurt Riesselmann says it’s an encouraging find for his lab, which is trying to beat a European lab that has a much more powerful particle collider.

RIESSELMANN: It will also be able to produce a Higgs boson, so there’s this friendly competition between the two laboratories and the different scientists of who can find the Higgs first.

Riesselmann says Fermilab is optimistic it will make progress toward finding the Higgs.

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