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Robeson Grads Get College Boost

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Robeson Grads Get College Boost

Bonnie Miah celebrates with students Bianca Frazier and Bridget Starling

Chicago’s Robeson High School is known around its Englewood neighborhood as a school of last resort. But today, its graduates are celebrating a significant victory.

Robeson sends only about half its graduates onto college, but they’ve raised over a million dollars in scholarships this year—a school record.

Bianca Frazier says she’s headed to South Carolina’s Benedict College, but nearly everybody got something.

BIANCA FRAZIER: Some people had thirty-thousand dollar scholarships, some people had twenty-thousand, one-thousand, five-thousand. Everybody contributed. We all came together and all of it’s important.

Few students could have done it alone, and that’s where Robeson’s student advocate Bonnie Miah steps in. This year, she added some icing to the cake: donated trunks full of stuff students need in the dorms.

MIAH: When I first started this I had kids I would send off to college, when they got ready to leave here comes the kid with a garbage bag with all his clothes in it, no soap, no deodorant. No nothing. These kids are first generation, low-income. The parents don’t have a clue.

Robeson’s scholarship money is part of a District-wide effort to help needy students.

I’m Julia McEvoy. Chicago Public Radio.

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