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Daley Wants to Boot Delinquent Drivers Sooner

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Drivers who stiff the City of Chicago for parking tickets could be in for a shock. Mayor Richard Daley says delinquent drivers owe millions, and more of them should get the boot. Right now police lock the car wheels of drivers who have three outstanding tickets. Daley wants cars to be booted after their owners ignore just two tickets.

DALEY:Remember, they owe $48 million. And so every time we drop it down, they pay. We used to have we’d boot you at four and then we dropped it to three. They pay the money.

Daley is pushing the idea with the city council. He says the money raised could help defray an expected shortfall to next year’s budget and that citizens would rather pay their tickets than something else.

DALEY: People don’t want their taxes increased!

Daley is putting off release of the preliminary 2009 budget, saying the economy is too uncertain to know how much money the city will have next year. But he’s given himself a deadline of September 30 to figure it out.

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