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Blanco Suspended, Fined for DC Fight

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The Chicago Fire’s star striker, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, has been suspended and fined by two separate ruling bodies in American soccer. That’s the fallout from a fight last month.

July eighth was a bad day for Blanco. The Fire were in Washington for a U.S. Open Cup game against D.C. United. Accounts vary, but Blanco allegedly punched and poked the eye of an opposing player. He then made some sort of physical contact with a D.C. United employee.

Blanco has apologized for his actions, which he called “inappropriate.” The Open Cup agreed, suspending Blanco yesterday for at least two years.

He can still play in Major League Soccer games—the vast majority of the Fire’s schedule. But the M.L.S. commissioner didn’t let him off the hook entirely. He fined Blanco $7,500. That’s about 0.3 percent of his 2008 salary.

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