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Bridgeview Mosque Gets Solar Power

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Bridgeview Mosque Gets Solar Power

Solar Panels are being installed on the roof.

A mosque in Bridgeview hopes to lead by example by going green. It says it’s the only mosque in the nation using solar technology.

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Joe Gordon and his team from Solar Service are busy hoisting glass panels onto the roof of the Mosque Foundation. The mosque is installing a new solar powered hot water system in its efforts to become more energy efficient.

Mosque President Dr. Zaher Sahloul says the grant funded project is part of a larger campaign to help the Muslim community become more environmentally conscious. The Mosque is encouraging its members to recycle, eat more healthy foods and reduce waste. Sahloul says that going green is part of the message of Islam.

SAHLOUL: In Islam we believe that the Muslim is a citizen of the world. He is a trustee and custodian of the earth and the environment.

The Bridgeview mosque hopes that other religious institutions will follow suit by also going green.

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