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Chicago Officials Prepare for Lollapalooza

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Chicago’s safety agencies are gearing up for the Lollapalooza Music Festival. The 3-day concert begins in Grant Park today and officials expect about 250,000 people to attend.

Large crowds and high temperatures are expected at the downtown concert. The scene brings to mind two other local events in the last year where there were serious problems. Last fall the Chicago Marathon was shut down mid-race because organizers weren’t prepared for the extreme heat. And last month, 1 person was shot dead as crowds left the Taste of Chicago.

But new Emergency Management Chief Ray Orosco says the city’s recently proven itself.

OROSCO: Let’s go back last week to Venetian Night, there was about 670,000 people down there so I think we need to back up a little bit and take a look at that event and that event went well.

Orosco says there will be several cooling stations and when temperatures hit 90 degrees, concertgoers can get bottles of water for free. Police Superintendent Jodie Weis says his force will be visible and moving through the crowd.

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