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Intelligentsia Coffee Says Less is More

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Chicago-based coffee shop Intelligentsia stopped serving its largest size cup of coffee today. Customers are accepting the change with mixed emotions.

The biggest cup of coffee Intelligentsia serves now is 16 ounces. Lucas Rogers manages the Monadnock Building location. He says the move was about providing more flavor in smaller doses. Rogers says this morning some customers were so angry about the smaller size, they stormed out.

But patron Imran Javaid says he never liked the large size anyway.

JAVAID: By the time you’re done with a larger size, it’s cold and the flavor’s all gone.

Customer Bernice Tow disagrees.

TOW: That’s what I always drank and I kinda like the fact that it gets a little cool at the bottom and it sits around and I drink it anyways, and it’s still good.

Tow didn’t storm out, she bought the smaller cup and says she plans to stay a loyal customer.

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