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More Violations at Cook County Jail

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A federal judge has found more constitutional violations at Cook County Jail. [pdf] This comes just two weeks after federal investigators released a laundry list of different civil rights violations there.

When Quentin Bullock was found not guilty of robbery in a Cook County Courtroom, he didn’t leave triumphantly through the front doors. Before being released, he had to go back into the jail while his paperwork was processed. Bullock says that meant a final strip search in a hallway full of other naked prisoners.

BULLOCK: Then after you have all of your clothes in front of you, you’re told to turn around and squat and when you squat you part your cheeks, open your cheeks.

A federal judge ruled that when someone has been found innocent, and is being released, there’s no reason to search them. Attorneys hope to collect damages on behalf of people who have had to go through this process even though, for all intents and purposes they’re no longer inmates. A spokesman for Sheriff Tom Dart says they disagree with the judge’s decision and plan to fight it.

I’m Robert Wildeboer, Chicago Public Radio.

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