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District Boundaries Likely Topic at Con-Con

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Illinois’ constitution could be subject to change if voters approve a constitutional convention this fall. We continue a weekly series looking into what that would mean for the way state government is run.

All sorts of issues could come up at a constitutional convention. Everything’s on the table. Including the way lawmakers draw up legislative districts. State Representative Jack Franks says the current process isn’t objective enough.

FRANKS: I think we ought to get rid of the gerrymandering, which is basically an incumbent protection program and leave it open to a computer to do it so it’s fair to everybody instead of having incumbents always protecting their own turf.

Former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar says a constitutional convention is not the best way to deal with big issues like redistricting.

EDGAR: There’s no guarantee there and you can pick one or two issues like that and I still think you’re rolling the dice to have a convention to deal with one or two issues. You may not deal with those issues the way you want them dealt with.

Currently, the state legislature can redraw district lines every decade to match new census numbers.

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