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Governor Blagojevich Calls on Lawmakers to Return to Springfield

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Governor Rod Blagojevich wants lawmakers back in Springfield. He’s calling them to the Capitol next week to deal with a couple of topics. But it’s doubtful he’ll get any results.

Blagojevich has ordered special sessions on Tuesday August 12th and Wednesday the 13th. He’s listed his scaled down infrastructure program as the order of business for one of the days, even though he’s failed to make any headway with House Speaker Mike Madigan, who has blocked it from coming up for a vote. Among Madigan’s objections is a controversial way to pay for it, which involved a long term lease of the state’s lottery.

The other session day will focus on increased school funding. This follows State Senator James Meeks’ demand that lawmakers approve an income tax hike. There’s appears to be limited support for that idea, especially before an election. Even Blagojevich is an opponent to raising the income tax. The deadline for dealing with budgetary vetoes has passed, so those groups wishing for more state money won’t get what they’re looking for either. In the end, the special sessions might only serve to show that leading Illinois Democrats remain at odds.

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