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Tornado Hits Griffith, Indiana

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Tornado Hits Griffith, Indiana

Angie Travis’ bay window at her Griffith home was blown out by a tornado. (WBEZ/Mike Puente)

Clean up efforts are underway in parts of Northwest Indiana hit hard by last night’s storms.

The National Weather Service confirmed that a tornado touched down in Griffith, Indiana about 8 last night, packing 80 to 120 miles per hour winds.

The aftermath, still being assessed today, includes toppled trees, torn roofs, damaged cars and closed businesses.

The strong winds blew out Angie Travis’ bay window and uprooted trees on to her garage.

TRAVIS: It’s sad. It’s very sad to see all the destruction that one storm can do. We really had no warning. By the time I heard the warning going off, the window was already blowing through..

The Griffith town council is asking the state to declare the town a disaster area to help get money to pay for repairs.

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