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Blagojevich: Daley Must Settle Madigan Dispute

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Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich held a press conference to discuss expanded health care for young adults today, but the focus quickly shifted to his deepening rift with House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Blagojevich today announced the first of what he says will be several amendatory vetos, or changes, to legislation passed by the General Assembly. He says it’s the only way he can influence bills since House Democrats stonewall his suggestions. Blagojevich repeatedly blasted Madigan for blocking a massive construction plan that had bipartisan support in the state Senate.

BLAGOJEVICH: Why is it that Mr. Madigan and the House Democrats continue to be against these things? And, even worse, refuse to participate in any kind of dialogue or discussion? He simply won’t come to meetings! And it’s not me! He won’t meet with the Republicans he won’t meet with the Senate Democratic President, he won’t even meet with the (former) United States Speaker of the House (Dennis Hastert) in these discussions to create jobs.

Blagojevich says he’ll ask Chicago Mayor Richard Daley to settle the intra-party dispute. But Daley previously said he’s tried, and doesn’t know what else he can do to help.

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