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Attorney: Troutman Relieved After Guilty Plea

The attorney for Arenda Troutman says the former alderman is relieved after pleading guilty in a political corruption case. Troutman yesterday admitted she solicited bribes and lied on an income tax return.

Troutman was first indicted in January of last year, a few weeks before losing her bid for reelection. She faced 13 federal counts, but the government agreed to drop all but the two she pleaded guilty to: mail and tax fraud.

The plea deal doesn’t mean Troutman will help prosecutors pursue any other case.

ADAM: Oh, certainly not. Certainly not.

That’s her attorney, Sam Adam, Jr.

ADAM: This was a non-cooperation agreement. Alderman Troutman wanted to only stress that this was about her and no one else.

Adam says Troutman believes the plea agreement is the best decision for her family.

A sentencing hearing is set for December 3rd. Preliminary guidelines put her prison term in the ballpark of four years.

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