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Illinois Cities Say They Don't Need State Trooper Help

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Chicago murders are up this year, but many other cities in Illinois are seeing a significant drop in violence. It’s leaving some police departments wondering why the governor wants to send troopers into their communities.

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich wants state troopers in Chicago and in other cities around the state to help fight gangs.

BLAGOJEVICH: And by having 500 more state troopers trained as an elite force that can work with the police departments in communities like Springfield and Peoria, East St. Louis, and Peoria, we believe we can have a role in helping local law enforcement.

But while Chicago has seen an 18 percent increase in murders, cities like Aurora, Peoria, and Springfield are watching their homicide numbers fall. Clay Dallas from Springfield Police says he’d welcome the help, but...

DALLAS: As of right now, certainly the crime rate in Springfield wouldn’t justify moving manpower from the other state responsibilities to Springfield.

Blagojevich wants to hire additional troopers with revenues from speed cameras on highways.

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