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New CFO In Cook County Rakes In Hefty Salary

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The salary of the new financial chief for Cook County’s troubled health bureau is turning heads. Even though the contract is for just six months, he’s in line to earn more than $200,000.

Pitt Calkin’s temporary contract was approved by the newly created independent health bureau board. They were put in place to turn around Cook County’s mismanaged health care system. The new CFO stands to make more than $40,000 more than the previous CFO, for half the time.

BATTS: That is totally irrelevant.

Warren Batts is chairman of the health bureau board. He says Calkin’s job is to get in and get out; nothing long-term. Batts says he’s pleased with the work Calkin’s done so far.

But the salary figure raised the eyebrows of Cook County Commissioner Forrest Claypool. He says he was shocked by the salary. Although the new health board is independent, Claypool says he wants the directors to be responsible and measured in their spending.

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