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Catholic Archdiocese Releases Clergy Sex Abuse Settlements

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After eight months of mediation, Chicago’s Catholic Archdiocese is paying more than $12 and half million dollars to 16 people sexually abused by priests. The Archdiocese and victims’ lawyers say the church has improved how it handles such claims. Some victims are not so sure.

In 2006, victims of former Catholic priest Daniel McCormack sued the Chicago Archdiocese. Soon after, Cardinal Francis George invited other victims to come forward. He also shared documents with lawyers and mediators. Jeff Anderson represents some of the victims.

ANDERSON: I credit the Cardinal for finally doing what needs to be done. And that is making the first step, and a giant step towards transparency.

BLAINE: To be honest with you, I have to say that I’m skeptical to believe that this will actually bring about that beginning.

That’s Barbara Blaine, founder of a group for those sexually abused by priests. She says the true test will be if the Catholic Church immediately removes priests after someone claims abuse.

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