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Comptroller Hynes: Lawmakers Won't Get Pay Raises

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Comptroller Dan Hynes says there’s no way state legislators will get pay raises. A state panel had recommended lawmakers, the governor, and other officials, including the comptroller, receive a double-digit raise. And unless the State Senate votes to give up the pay hike, the raises could take effect as early as Wednesday. Regardless of timing, Hynes says his office won’t pay out the million dollars-worth of salary increases. He says there’s no money in the state budget.

HYNES: There’s no appropriation sufficient to make the pay raises and so we’re not going to make the pay raises. And on top of that, I think it’s important to note that this is not a time for pay raises.

Hynes says after Illinois sliced billions of dollars from social service agencies, it is wrong for politicians to boost their own pay. The House already voted to reject the raises, but the state Senate never acted. There’s speculation Senate Democratic leaders wanted to delay a vote until after the November elections. But it remains unclear if this week’s special sessions will cause the raises to kick in.

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