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Illinois Republicans Show Unity at State Fair

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It’s Republican Day at the Illinois State Fair. And as members of the GOP rally, they’re making a point to show the contrast of their party’s togetherness versus Democrats’ disunity.

Republicans surrounded a statue of Abraham Lincoln in front of the state capitol with their party’s chairman, Andy McKenna.

MCKENNA: I’m here to say that we’re a party that stands together and stands with Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was famous for his House Divided speech. If he were here today, he would have to tell a story of a house divided that’s even more outrageous than the one that lived in his time.

McKenna and other GOP leaders say that feuding between Democrats, who control all of state government, has resulted in nothing getting accomplished in Illinois. Here’s House Minority Leader Tom Cross:

CROSS: We’ve got a Democrat-controlled General Assembly that does nothing about gas tax relief, jobs, ethics, pension reform, Medicaid reform.

Republicans say they’re hopeful Illinois voters will take notice of it all and turn to their party. But with Barack Obama at the top of the ticket, it’s widely expected that Democrats will only gain more power come this fall’s election.

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