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Children Paint Their Dreams into a Mural

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Children Paint Their Dreams into a Mural

Children who are homeless painted this mural with help from artist Augustina Droze to show their hopes and dreams.

More than a dozen children living in a homeless shelter just painted their dreams into a mural. It’s in the basement of the Great Hope Family Center on Chicago’s Southwest Side.

The children stand next to their mural and dedicate it by cutting through a ribbon with safety scissors. It’s an idyllic garden scene, featuring a girl with seeds in her hand, and flowers that sprout a rainbow, cheerleader clothes and a basketball.

That basketball’s from Arayshawne Booth, who wants to play professionally someday.

BOOTH: I look back and think like, I can’t believe I did that.

He hopes the mural inspires other kids who come here after him.

Muralist Augustina Droze worked with the kids.

DROZE: Some of the designs they did were not lofty goals like being president, or being rich. Instead they were simple, with pictures of a dog or a fence or a house.

The project was part of the Chicago HOPES program.

I’m Lynette Kalsnes, Chicago Public Radio.

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