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Daley Not Intimidated by Beijing Olympics' Price Tag

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Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is undaunted by the spectacle of China’s Olympic Games. He went to Beijing with a group that’s trying to bring the 2016 Games to Chicago.

Mayor Daley says Chicago won’t try to match the amount of money China has spent on the Olympic Games, a whopping $40 billion.

DALEY: Well, you don’t compete there. Like 2012 is London, they’re not going to spend that much money.

Daley says a Chicago Olympics would be funded differently, mostly from the private sector and with federal money for infrastructure and security. He insists no local taxpayer dollars would be used. The mayor also reiterated that the city’s bid requires a plan for better public transportation.

DALEY: We really have to look at how we can adapt completely new basically CTA cars, especially on the rapid line, and also on the buses you have to look at where they have authority to basically have a system of getting there quicker, much quicker.

Tokyo, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro are also competing for the 2016 Games.

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