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Local Olympian Dives to Next Round

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The Beijing Olympics are now a week old. More than a dozen Chicago-area natives are competing in the games. And early this morning, one of them moved a step closer to taking home a medal.

Very early this morning, Christina Loukas made her Olympic debut. The 22-year-old from north suburban Riverwoods finished eighth in the prelims for the 3-meter springboard dive. That’s good enough to earn a spot in this weekend’s semifinals. But Loukas has a lot of room to improve, according to her old coach at Deerfield High School, Doug Foerch.

FOERCH: You know, [she] had a little trouble I think with two of the dives. One went very well, and the other couple were about average for her. She could certainly do a lot better, and I would expect her to now that she has felt that atmosphere and the competition, kind of has that under her belt now.

Earlier this week, a couple other Chicago-area natives took home silver medals in swimming events: Lake Forest’s Matt Grevers and Christine Magnuson from Tinley Park.

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