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Some Pace Workers Stage a Sick Out

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Pace transit passengers around Chicago’s southern suburbs may experience delays during the afternoon rush hour. That’s because nearly 40 of the agency’s full time workers called in sick.

Members of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1028 last week voted down a new labor contract with Pace. And today several members who work in Pace’s South suburban division called a sick out. Pace spokesperson Patrick Wilson says the agency was surprised by what he calls a job action.

WILSON: It was our expectation and we believe the international union’s expectation to go back to the bargaining table and continue to work on an agreement. But for some unknown reason these drivers have opted to take this action today.

Wilson says workers could face disciplinary action including termination if they continue with the sick out. Local union vice president Brandyee Brothers says the action was not union sanctioned. She says the union has asked members to report back to work.

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