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Teachers Union Trial a Sign of Infighting

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The Chicago Teachers Union Tuesday is scheduled to begin an internal trial of its vice-president, Ted Dallas. Dallas is accused of abusing his expense account and cashing-out unused sick days.

The proceedings against Dallas are a sign of the chaos within the Chicago Teachers Union. Just a couple years ago, Dallas and union president Marilyn Stewart were on the same political ticket. Now they can’t stop attacking each other.

The feud started last year. That’s when word got out the union had spent millions of dollars in surplus funds and had gone into debt. Dallas says the trial against him is retaliation for accusing the administration of mismanaging that money. He has accused Stewart of overspending on luncheons and dinners. A union spokesperson declined to comment. But in a statement on the union’s Website, Stewart writes the allegations against her are false and unsubstantiated.

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