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CHA Releases Data on Residents

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The Chicago Housing Authority says more residents are working and earning higher incomes in the nearly ten years of its sweeping reform of public housing.

CHA has been under fire for tearing down public housing units and not replacing them at a faster rate. And information on how those residents are living has been elusive.

The agency recently released figures that show improvement.

Thirty-seven percent of heads of household are now working. In 1999, that figure was 19 percent. And wages have doubled to nearly $20,000 today.

KAISER: There can always be more. In terms of satisfied, I think, again, people open up their options when they do work, in terms of housing.

Linda Kaiser runs resident services for the CHA.

Families living in the economically diverse mixed-income developments fare the best. Half of those households are employed.

Two-thirds of the public housing units are complete under the Plan for Transformation. Its completion has been delayed several years until 2015.

I’m Natalie Moore, Chicago Public Radio.

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