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Lost Cat Reunited with Family after Cross-Country Adventure

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A cat found in Brookfield, Illinois is now back in its home hundreds of miles away in Carrboro, North Carolina.

Sukie, a black and white cat with a milk mustache, never returned to her North Carolina home one morning last August. Owner Jennifer McMillan says her family had no idea what happened. Still McMillan couldn’t bring herself to throw out Sukie’s litter box or even an open bag of cat food.

MCMILLAN: You hear these stories about cat’s finding their way home from thousands and thousands of miles and I guess I thought, why can’t that happen to us? Why can’t she just find her way home?

Sukie did find her way across the country to Tricia Roman in Brookfield. Roman took the cat to a vet, who found an implanted microchip that had contact information for the family.

MCMILLAN: It’s the miracle of microchip that a cat can wander as far away as Chicago and still get home to their owner.

Reunited almost exactly a year after Sukie disappeared, McMillan says it’s like they’ve just reset the clock.

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