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Clay, McDermott with Indiana Delegation at DNC

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Indiana’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention in Denver includes two Northwest Indiana mayors. One’s a veteran of party conventions; the other a newcomer.

At 71 years old, Rudy Clay’s a grizzled veteran of rough-and-tumble politics in Lake County, Indiana. He’s held several elected posts.

He’s currently the mayor of Gary, a struggling blue-collar city that’s trying to find a way back to economic stability, if not prosperity.

Clay says what ails his city is now hitting other parts of the country.

CLAY: We can’t keep going down this same road. People losing their homes. $4 a gallon for gasoline. $12 billion a month in Iraq and we can’t get $12 in Gary, Indiana to help us with our education system. So, we’ve got to have a change.

Meanwhile, Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott is attending his first national convention.

MCDERMOTT: This is obviously a very important election. It’s a pretty interesting time to be attending the convention. I’m looking forward to it.

Both mayors will be panelists for various breakout sessions at the convention.

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