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Meeks Offers to Call Off School Boycott

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State Senator James Meeks says he’ll call off his school boycott in Chicago next week. That’s if state lawmakers agree to his new proposal.

For the last few weeks, the Reverend Meeks has been threatening a large student boycott to highlight unequal education funding in Illinois. Now he’s offering to call it off. But only if the governor and legislative leaders agree to Meeks’ new proposal. It includes the investment of $120-million into some of the state’s worst performing schools.

MEEKS: We are prepared to move forward with the boycott if we don’t get some kind of an answer. The proposal that I’ve just put on the table is some kind of an answer.

Meeks and former Republican candidate for governor Ron Gidwitz came up the proposal. It would create four clusters of poor performing schools throughout the state. Meeks says good results could show lawmakers and taxpayers the value of investing more in education.

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