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School Groups Call for Boycotting Boycott

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More community groups in Chicago are putting pressure on Reverend James Meeks to back off his planned school boycott next week.

Dozens of people from various community organizations showed up at the Chicago Board of Education meeting today. They came out strongly against Meeks’ planned boycott. Chris Harris is senior pastor at Bright Star Church on Chicago’s South Side. Harris says one of the problems he works hard to fix is children cutting class.

HARRIS: Individuals saying for the children not to go to class causes me to have a problem with contradiction. So we’re encouraging all of our children in our community, the Bronzeville area and all over the city, please go to school.

Reverend Meeks has proposed boycotting Chicago’s first day of school to protest what he calls unequal funding of schools statewide. But he’s shown signs in the last few days he’s willing to compromise. Meeks says he’ll call off the boycott if the state’s Democratic leaders agree to a pilot program for under-performing schools.

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