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Chicago Republicans React to Obama's Convention Speech

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This is Tony Arnold out in Chicago’s Western suburbs. I’m on a sleepy street in a town called Western Springs. It’s here that I met up with the Deneen family. The husband, Tom, and wife, Ann, have three young kids. Now, the Deneens consider themselves to be long-time Republicans and we just got done watching Barack Obama’s big speech. Tom especially wasn’t impressed and he said he was looking for specifics on Obama’s policies.

TOM DENEEN: He had some high moments and showed some of his strengths. He also, basically spoke in platitudes.
ARNOLD: Anything stick out?
TOM DENEEN: Yeah, he seemed a little bit like McCain’s ads and his attacks have gotten under his skin and drawn a little blood. He may be getting that from the polls, but he did seem highly sensitive to that.
ANN DENEEN: Well, I think it shows what a nice guy he is. It’s just what they’re going to do in terms of the way they’re going to lead the government that counts, though.

Both Tom and Ann say there isn’t much Obama or the Democrats could do to sway them to vote their way. Instead, they say their loyalties lie with the ideas of things like keeping the George Bush tax cuts and keeping troops in Iraq until the country’s more stabilized.

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