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Illinois Delegates Call Obama Rise the Culmination of a Dream

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About 80,000 people were on hand yesterday for Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. The reviews from Illinois delegates, like Rick Merril, from West Suburban Lisle were glowing.

MERRIL: He’s got the message, he’s got the enthusiasm and he’s going to bring the country together. He’s not going to divide us.

Another Illinois delgate, William McNary says Obama’s rise goes even beyond the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.

McNARY: When this country was first started, the only ones who could vote were white men with property. The we extended the boundaries of democracy to include women and people of color and religious minorities. Who would have thought we would have expanded the boundaries of democracy so wide that someone like Barack Obama, an African American, could run and win. So Barack Obama is not just a culmination of King’s dream, he’s the culmination of the American dream.

McNary, who’s with Citizen’s Action Illinois, says the state produced a good Republican president in Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves. He says it would be ironic if Illinois now produces a Democratic president who is the beneficiary of that freedom.

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