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Illinois Republicans React to VP Choice

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Illinois Republicans are reacting to Arizona Senator John McCain’s vice-presidential pick.The presumptive Republican nominee today announced he wants Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.

State Representative Jim Durkin of Western Springs heads up McCain’s campaign in Illinois. He says he’s a little surprised by the choice.

DURKIN: I think the whole nation is surprised and Republican are, but we’re pleasantly surprised. I thought Tim Pawlenty was probably going to be the choice, even Bobby Jindal out of Lousisiana. But I’ve known John McCain personally for 12 years and I do know that what’s predictable about John McCain is his unpredictability.

Surprise or not, Illinois Republican Party chair Andy McKenna says Palin’s a good choice.

MCKENNA: John McCain’s picked a true reformer, someone who stood up against her own party in her state, someone who is a a chief executive who has been a reformer fiscally and ethically. Barack Obama picked an old-time politician.

Delaware Senator Joe Biden is the Democrat’s vice-presidential choice.

Another Illinois Republican, State Senator Dan Rutherford, says he doesn’t know much about—and he was hoping for someone else.

RUTHERFORD: I would’ve liked it to have been Mitt Romney. I think he would’ve been a good vice president of the United States. He would’ve been a good compliment to John McCain, but it’s not going to be and we will support Senator McCain’s choice.

Rutherford says Romney would have added a lot to McCain’s ticket on the economic front.

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