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Last Call on Metra Bar Cars

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It’s last call today for passengers on some Metra trains. Some lines are discontining their bar cars.

The commuter rail line is discontinuing service on its 12 bar cars—which sell beer, wine, mixed drinks, and snacks. The cars have been around for decades, but officials say they don’t make much money.

Sharol Holstein has been riding the bar car on the Milwaukee West line for over 20 years:

HOLSTEIN: I’d say probably my best friends I’ve met on the train. It’s like a different era. I mean I feel like it’s, like, I’m almost loosing a family member, yeah…

According to Metra, bar cars don’t maximize space and aren’t in accordance with new federal regulations, which require access to doors at all times.

Although service ends today, many passengers will try to keep the tradition alive. Riders will still be allowed to bring their own drinks on board, which Holstein says she’ll take advantage of.

HOLSTEIN: I’m the bar car now.

For Chicago Public Radio, I’m Eilee Heikenen-Weiss.

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