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Music and Sports Lovers Face Difficult Decision

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Music and Sports Lovers Face Difficult Decision

Schubas Tavern (Photo by Terence Faircloth)

For Chicago sports fans, having both the Sox and the Cubs in the play-offs is nirvana. But for the local music scene, it’s more of a mixed blessing. Some venues could lose some money.

If you’re a music lover and a baseball fan, you might be facing a tough choice right now. Matt Rucins is the guy who books bands over at Schubas Tavern on the North Side.

RUCINS: Anybody who bought tickets now, I think when they were buying them, weren’t even thinking about the Cubs being in the play-offs. But I think now it’s set in. If you’re a big sports fan and a music fan, then I think you’re probably arguing with yourself in your head about what I should do.

He figures some people will come late. Others will split their time between the stage and the TV screens in the front of the bar. Over at Martyrs’ Restaurant and Pub, booker Bruce Krippner finds himself torn. He’s rooting for the Cubs, but he’s also concerned about the club’s bottom line. When it’s possible, Martyrs’ plans to show the game on big screens, then start the music after the game.

I’m Lynette Kalsnes, Chicago Public Radio.

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