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Meeks Takes School Funding Protest to Wrigley Field

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Meeks Takes School Funding Protest to Wrigley Field

Protesters outside the Cubs’ first playoff game. (WBEZ/Eilee Heikenen-Weiss)

More than 25 busloads of people gathered outside Wrigley Field yesterday But they weren’t there to support the Cubs.

11-year-old Khalilah Manson was there with others from around Chicago. They were using the backdrop of the Cub’s game to call attention to a lack of resources in some Illinois schools.

KHALILAH MANSON: When you come during a game, there’s more cameras around.

The man behind yesterday evening’s event, state Senator James Meeks, was again calling for more equality in education funding.

MEEKS: How can you be more concerned, Chicago, about a batting average than you are about a reading score.

Last month, Meeks led student boycotts to push school funding reform. He said yesterday’s protest was an attempt to bring education funding before a national audience through media focused on Wrigley Field. The message may have missed some sports fans.

MAN: Something about equal funding for schools, but I’m just focused on beer and women.

Meeks said protests will continue, including possibly this weekend at a White Sox play-off game.

For Chicago Public Radio, I’m Eilee Heikenen-Weiss

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