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Obama, McCain Cast Rare Votes in the Senate

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It was a rare sight in Washington, D.C. Illinois U.S. Senator Barack Obama yesterday cast his first vote in the Senate in almost three months.

Both Obama and his Republican opponent, Senator John McCain, were lured back to the capitol by the high-profile vote over the financial bail-out plan. Both senators supported it. While in town they also weighed-in on a railroad safety bill...and a nuclear trade deal with India.

This was the first time Obama voted in the Senate since July 9th. McCain’s string of absences goes back even farther - to early April. This year alone, each presidential candidate has missed well over a 100 votes.

A spokesman for Obama says the Democrat regularly returns to Washington to vote on legislation of “significant national importance.” The McCain campaign could not be reached for comment.

I’m Sam Hudzik, Chicago Public Radio.

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