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Illinois Absentee Ballots Safe to be Mailed

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Absentee ballots in Illinois can once again be sent out. A Cook County judge halted the ballots earlier this week after he ruled the wording of a statewide referendum was misleading.

The referendum asks voters if they want to hold a constitutional convention, where delegates can change the Illinois constitution. Once the judge deemed the referendum unconstitutional, the question became how to fix it on the ballots. Attorneys meticulously debated the issue Friday for about 10 hours.

Judge Nathaniel Howse eventually ruled that every voter will receive a notice when they walk in to vote that asks them to disregard what’s written on the ballot. The correct language of the referendum will be on the notice.

Lieutentant Governor Pat Quinn says it’s not a perfect solution and he says he may appeal the ruling. He wants the referendum on a separate ballot. A spokesperson for the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners praised the judge’s ruling, saying it was the most practical option available.

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