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Blagojevich Talks About New Rezko Developments

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Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is commenting for the first time today about news that his former fundraiser could be spilling the beans.

Prosecutors yesterday asked a federal judge to delay sentencing of political insider and Blagojevich fundraiser, Tony Rezko. That’s considered to be a sign Rezko is cooperating with the feds in their investigation of Blagojevich’s administration.

The governor spoke briefly with reporters at a ribbon cutting on Chicago’s South Side.

BLAGOJEVICH: Now we gotta respect the process as we’ve been consistently doing and just let it all unfold and let the truth just be what it is and when you believe in the truth and know what the truth is with respect to yourself, you feel good about things.

Blagojevich says he does things the right way.He repeatedly cited a letter Rezko sent to a federal judge that says prosecutors were overzealous in investigating Blagojevich and Illinois U.S. Senator Barack Obama.The governor has not been charged with wrongdoing.

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