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Cook County Sheriff Stops Foreclosure Evictions

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Foreclosure evictions in Cook County are coming to a halt tomorrow. Sheriff Tom Dart says he’s suspending the evictions to protect renters who live in foreclosed property.

Sheriff Dart says many people who Rent homes or condos are served eviction notices without any knowledge of a foreclosure. So when his deputies evict them, tenants are caught off guard.

DART: You have law abiding people. Great people of our community who are playing by the rules. And they’re playing by the rules and then they show up and their stuff is out on the street. And that’s just wrong.

Dart says property owners should get the eviction notices, not renters.
He wants banks to verify those owners by filing an affidavit with the court.
He says foreclosure evictions in Cook County have nearly tripled in the last two years.

I’m Tasha Flournoy, Chicago Public Radio.

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