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Daley Wants Tax Relief for Homeowners

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is calling on elected officials to give homeowners some tax relief. His plea comes as some city residents are seeing big increases in their property tax bills.

Officials say the bills are higher, in part, because home values are based on figures from 2006 - before the real estate market slumped. Mayor Daley says the time between a property assessment and the delivery of a tax bill is too long.

DALEY: It should not go out two and half years later. And with the change in the economy, change in communities and things like that. With modern technology you know that everything thing at hand you know that so quickly. This should be adjusted much quicker.

Daley wants state lawmakers and Cook County Assessor Jim Houlihan to fix the system he calls broken and archaic.

A spokesman for Houlihan says the assessor wants to adjust home values when the real estate market fluctuates. But he says the office needs legislative approval to do that.

I’m Tasha Flournoy, Chicago Public Radio.

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