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Early Voting on Hold In Northwest Indiana

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Early Voting on Hold In Northwest Indiana

Early voting is now taking place throughout Indiana except in three Northwest Indiana cities. That’s the subject of a federal court hearing today.

A court order is currently blocking the start of early voting in the Democratic strongholds of Hammond, East Chicago and Gary. The Republican Party in Lake County alleges problems with voter registration forms in the area.

They allege voter fraud there in past elections. The lawsuit angers Jim Robinson, district director for the United Steelworkers of America. He says the GOP is trying to avoid losing the election at all costs.

ROBINSON: In the past, the Republicans didn’t worry about voter turnout. They’re trying to suppress votes of people who they think will affect the outcome in a way they don’t want.

Local election officials are eager to get early voting started throughout the county, because a record number of Hoosiers are expected to vote on November 4th. A federal judge will hear arguments in the case later this morning.

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