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Riders Respond to CTA's Fare Hike Proposal

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Many Chicago Transit Authority riders aren’t happy about the possibility of increased fares next year. But CTA President Ron Huberman says it’s the only way to balance the agency’s budget.

Even with 20-percent cuts in many departments and 600 layoffs, Huberman says the fare hike is necessary.

HUBERMAN: I can tell you this, there’s not $40-million worth of belt tightening left in our budget. It’s just not there.

But several riders downtown say the CTA doesn’t deserve a fare increase.

CARON: I know gas prices are getting ridiculous but I think they can make things work. They just have so many people standing around doing nothing.

CHANEL: They should not raise fare because service tends to suck. And it’s already ridiculous, you might as well drive for the price of the CTA.

That’s Andrea Caron and Chanel, who only wanted to go by her first name. The fare hike proposal, along with the rest of Huberman’s budget, still needs approval from the CTA board.

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