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Marathon Heats Up, Support On Hand

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Marathon Heats Up, Support On Hand

Some 33,000 runners are winners this morning. Organizers of yesterday’s Bank of America Chicago Marathon say that’s how many runners crossed the finish line in spite of high temperatures. Last year’s race was ended early due to heat. But organizers added new precautions this time around, helping runners beat the heat.

Check out more photos from yesterday’s marathon.

Patti Brucki ran the Chicago Marathon last year. She saw changes this time.

BRUCKI: I think there were a lot more water stations, more sponges, more supplies.

Organizers added aid stations to ramp up medical attention and keep runners hydrated. At the finish, volunteers greeted runners with wet towels, water, and more.

ANNOUNCER: Ice and water ahead, beer on your left.

Yesterday’s unseasonably warm temperatures meant a new color-coded alert system was put to red-one level short of stopping the race. Patti Brucki was glad the race went on.

BRUCKI: Gosh it was great. Hard, so hard, but it’s important to do stuff that’s hard and find beauty in the pain.

Brucki missed her goal time, but says it was worth it.

For Chicago Public Radio, I’m Eilee Heikenen-Weiss.

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